A man and woman picking up their carry-on luggage from road.

How To Pack a Carry-On Bag

Planning a weekend getaway or traveling for work? Whether your upcoming trip is for business or pleasure, you can sit back and relax the moment you climb aboard Land to Air Express. 

As Minnesota’s most trusted travel partner for 30+ years, we offer passengers safe and affordable airport shuttle services, as well as convenient bus routes to your favorite Minnesota destinations via our Highway 169 Connection and Southern Minnesota Connection.

Among the many amenities you’ll have access to while traveling with our team—including free WiFi, charging outlets, and individual climate control seating—you’ll also have the option of one free carry-on and 2 free checked bags.

Best Way to Pack a Carry-On

If you’re used to traveling by air, then you know how important carry-on bags are. They allow you to take certain items abroad that keep you entertained (laptop, books, headphones, etc.) or that you may need direct access to while in flight (medications, extra clothing, or other personal items).

Since carry-on bags are typically smaller in size (backpacks or lap-size luggage), it can be challenging to know what to store in them. As you would for airlines, you’ll want to first follow your travel provider’s guidelines on luggage restrictions (including weight and items that are not allowed aboard) and bring only the items you may need during the trip.

To get started, here is a helpful how-to guide for how to pack a carry-on.

Don’t Pack What You Can Wear

What we mean is, if you’re bringing a sweater, jacket, hat and gloves, etc., you might decide to wear them on the bus with you vs. pack them. This way, you can save more space in your carry-on for other essential items.

Utilize Your Pockets

If you’re wearing a jacket or jeans with pockets, you might decide to store your smartphone, earbuds, wallet, and maybe even charger on you vs. in your luggage. This is also helpful, as you’re more likely to use such items the moment you get settled into your seat. You can even plug in your device right away, using our charging stations. 

Invest in Packing Cubes

Also referred to by avid travelers as “compression cubes,” these handy little storage units allow you to fit more items in your luggage and keep them organized. This comes in handy if you’re traveling with extra shoes and clothes. It makes them easier to pack and keeps them separated, especially after use. You can find packing cubes online for cheap to help you organize and consolidate your belongings. 

Only Pack What You Need Right Away

One of the great advantages of traveling by bus is that your checked bags are always close by (literally right underneath you) during the journey. That means you don’t have to worry about sudden delays, changes in connecting flights, or fluctuations in arrival times affecting the time your luggage arrives at your next destination. They travel with you. 

This should give you added peace of mind and make packing your carry-on super simple, as you don’t need to worry about the “what if my luggage doesn’t arrive” factor. You can literally pack what you need for the drive and gather your checked bags the moment you arrive at your new location.

Of course, if you’re traveling with us to arrive at the airport, you’ll need to pack your carry-on, according to your airline’s policies and requirements!

Need a Ride?

At Land to Air Express, we want your travel experience to be both stress free and enjoyable. Restrictions for checked bags and carry-ons can be found on our terms and conditions page. 

If you’d like to plan your trip, you can use our online tools to book your tickets (one-way or roundtrip) today. And once you’ve reserved your seat, you can use our travel alerts to keep you informed about arrival/departure times.