Woman waiting for airport shuttle to arrive.

Traveling By Bus vs. Rideshare: Which Is Better?

Whether you’re traveling to, or departing from, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) International Airport, there are many considerations you’ll need to make before take off. 

The first, of course, is how you plan to get to the airport.

Will you drive yourself? 

Oftentimes, when parking our own car at the airport, it’s for an extended period of time. This, of course, adds expense to your overall travel budget. In addition, some may not be comfortable leaving their car in an airport parking ramp overnight.

Will you ask a friend or family member for a ride? 

This may save you in parking fees, but it doesn’t always save you money. You might get them a thank you gift or throw in some gas money. 

What if your flight is delayed or your ride is running late? Considering your schedule and someone else’s can be complicated when departure or arrival times do not work out as scheduled.

If you’re looking for more consistent transportation, consider other options like ridesharing and airport shuttles. 

Rideshare vs. Airport Shuttle

Ridesharing companies allow you to schedule a ride in advance, or book one at a moment’s notice, using an online app.

But here’s the kicker—rideshare apps are notorious for what’s known as surge pricing. 

About Surge Pricing

This feature increases the rideshare fee, based on demand and the number of available drivers in the area. The higher the demand, and the lower the number of drivers, the more money you can expect to pay for a ride—one way. This is a big disadvantage for the rider.

Additionally, most departure and arrival times coincide together, which means the demand for drivers is consistently higher at the airport. Therefore, you can expect to wait longer for a driver to appear and spend much more for a ride.

Accommodations of Rideshare

After a long flight, you might want to settle into a cozy seat, turn on your favorite podcast, and just relax. Though many rideshare drivers have comfortable and clean vehicles, it’s not always a guarantee. 

Rideshares are positioned to be more of a social interaction between drivers and passengers since you’re in such close quarters. So, you might not get the chance to listen to your podcast or take a nap.

This may be appealing because you enjoy meeting new people. However, for some, travel can take an emotional and physical toll on your body, and this can be further exhausting.

Pickup Locations of Rideshares

Another issue with rideshares is the challenge of finding your vehicle. This can be especially true if you’re being picked up at an airport terminal. Though you’re given the make, model, and plate number of your driver’s car, the congestion of the airport can make it difficult to locate your driver quickly.

If you’ve ever been picked up at a terminal, whether you booked a rideshare or a friend is meeting you, you know how chaotic the environment can be, especially in such a small space. 

So, now let’s talk about airport shuttles via Land to Air Express.

Affordable Airport Transportation

Land to Air Express offers convenient and affordable airport shuttle services. How affordable? Tickets range between $11 -$25 for one way. That means you have the option of being dropped off at your terminal and picked up again after you return. 

Comfortable Airport Transportation

When you climb aboard our shuttle bus, you’ll find it clean and sanitized for your health and safety. We offer climate control for your individual seat, as well as convenient charging outlets and free Wi-Fi while aboard the shuttle – just what you need for a relaxing ride back after your trip!

All our buses are ADA accessible, and we also offer the option of 2 free checked bags and 1 free carry on. 

Providing convenient daily shuttle bus service between Mankato/St. Peter & MSP, we’ll help you get to, and from, the airport with greater ease.

Convenient Airport Transportation

In addition to offering an affordable, relaxing ride, we offer convenient parking for as little as $3 a day. Our depot is staffed during arrival and departure times, as well as holidays! This makes it easy to drop off your car and hop aboard our shuttle to your next destination. 

Check our pick-up and drop-off locations here.

We make it fast and easy to book your tickets online for you and fellow travelers. 

Need a Shuttle Service to MSP?

There’s only one way to do airport transportation and that’s with a locally owned business with more than 30 years of experience in airport transportation! 

If you’re looking for an affordable, safe, and easy way to get back and forth from the MSP airport, reserve your seat with Land to Air Express today!