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Mankato Depot Parking

Affordable, Secure Parking at Land to Air’s Mankato Depot

Park your vehicle with Land to Air Express for just $3.00/day! Land to Air partners with Kato Cab to provide ample, affordable customer parking for all long-term travel passengers.

  • Location: 100 D Street
  • Cost: $3.00/day
  • Staffed: 24/7

To park your vehicle: 

  1. First, check in at the Land to Air Express Depot office and drop off your luggage with a Land to Air driver
  2. Drive your vehicle to Kato Cab and check in with their office staff
  3. A Land to Air driver will pick  you up at Kato Cab as it departs for its trip

Frequently asked Questions

Land to Air Express passengers are allowed up to five bags, including 1 free carry on and 2 free checked bags. Please see our luggage information for more details.

Yes! All vehicles in our fleet are full equipped with ADA capabilities including chair lift and proper strapping.

With standard one-way pricing from $5-30 per passenger, Land to Air passengers can already count on affordable daily pricing when traveling throughout Southern Minnesota. For exclusive offers, consider joining our monthly newsletter!

Federal law requires all customers wear a mask covering their nose and mouth while at our facilities, boarding our buses, and during travel. Masks must also be worn between sips and bites when customers are eating or drinking. Refusal to wear a mask is a violation of Federal law and may result in denial of boarding or removal from our facilities or buses; and passengers may also be subject to penalties.

Face masks with valves or vents, unsecured masks under the chin (such as a bandana), and plastic face shields (by themselves) are not allowed under Federal law and are not accepted as approved face coverings. If you don’t have an approved face covering of your own, please inquire about one at your local depot. For more information on how to best protect yourself from COVID-19, we recommend customers review the CDC’s website before traveling.

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