Two daughters playing on a road trip

Fun Things to Do on a Bus with Your Kids

Planning a trip with the kiddos? If you’re traveling by bus, your kids are about to experience a great adventure, and possibly a whole new experience!

Though our kids certainly keep us entertained, sitting in one spot during a car or bus ride can leave them feeling a bit bored. And we all know that when kids are bored, they tend to get into things they shouldn’t. 

5 Games to Play on a Long Bus Ride

To help you plan ahead and ensure your kids stay happy and busy—so you stay relaxed—we’ve compiled a list of ideas on how to keep the ride fun and enjoyable for each of you.

1.) Card Games

Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, War… There are many fun games you can play with a simple deck of cards. In fact, you probably played these same games as a kid. Why not teach your children the rules of these classic card games and join in on the fun to help pass away the time.

There are also TONS of other card games for kids available on Amazon, Target, or other retailers that you can order before your trip. Many include your children’s favorite Disney characters, movies, or TV shows. 

You can also find scavenger hunt-themed games that encourage kids to explore their surroundings and enjoy the view!

2.) Coloring Books

Want an easy way to distract the kids and destress any situation? Coloring helps kids improve their fine motor skills and creativity. It also allows them time to focus. If you’re looking for something to do, as well, you may decide to join in on the fun with your kids—as coloring for adults can help you feel relaxed and may remove built-up tension or stress.

3.) Bingo

Always a classic among both kids and adults, Bingo is a great way to have fun, stay focused, and pass the time. You can always pick up a Bingo board game at the store, on your smartphone, or download free paper Bingo boards to play before your trip.

4.) Where’s Waldo

If you loved pouring yourself into these books when you were little, it’s a no brainer that your kids will do the same. Talk about concentration and focus, these books are designed to keep kids tuned into each page as they search for that famous red-and-white striped shirted man wearing glasses. 

5.) Cat’s Cradle

Who would have thought that a simple piece of string could do so much? Cat’s Cradle has stood the test of time and remained a staple bus game for kids of all ages. 

There are two ways to enjoy this game. You can either get the book kit that shows your kids how to make all those string figures, or you can use your own hand-made string and find helpful YouTube videos for instructions on how to make an Eiffel Tower or tea cup.

Other Fun Things to Do on a Long Bus Ride

You may have noticed that we didn’t include electronic games on this list. That’s because most of us, even our kids these days, spend the majority of the weekdays in front of a screen, whether it’s for work or learning.

If you’re looking for a little time away from the screen, these are great ideas and will no doubt spark a bit of nostalgia. 

Sometimes, though, after a few hours of playing fun games, even your kids just want to sit and relax with a good film playing in the background. 

When you ride with Land to Air Express, you’ll have access to free WiFi, which means your kids can tune into their favorite movies or online games, using your smart devices. And because we offer convenient charging outlets, you won’t need to worry about it draining your battery before you arrive at your next destination.

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