Young daughter holding plane while packing suitcase.

Pre-Flight Checklist: 5 Things to Check Before the Going Airport

If you’re not an avid flyer, chances are your pre-travel checklist is a little rusty. To help you plan for your upcoming trip, check out our official pre-flight checklist to ensure you travel light and stress free!

Pre-Flight Checklist

Check the Weather Report

Wherever you’re headed, make sure you know what Mother Nature has in store while you’re there. Calling for rain, hot weather or high winds? Knowing this information ahead of time can help you pack the essentials, so you stay comfortable and prepared during your travels.

Call Your Credit Card Company

Depending on the type of currency you’ll be using during your trip (e.g., travelers checks, credit cards, or cryptocurrencies), make sure you let your financial group know that you’ll be traveling out of state. Some credit card companies may freeze your card, if they notice a transaction being made in another state or country. This is obviously to protect you, and it’s a great security feature, but it can be a hassle if you’re trying to buy dinner at a restaurant. Make sure to let them know you’ll be traveling to avoid any disruptions. 

Pack Your Passport and Travel Documents

Be sure to store your passport, tickets, traveler’s insurance, rental information, and any other essential documents related to your trip in a safe, easy-to-access area. Of course, this doesn’t mean having these important documents out in the open. But you do want to find a secure place that you can access when you need it vs. having to rummage through your bags or taking everything out to retrieve them.

Manage Your Mail

Leaving your mailbox to fill up with important letters from your bank, employer or personal correspondence can leave you vulnerable to others stealing your information. Work out a plan with either a neighbor you trust or a family member to retrieve your mail each day while you’re away. You can also stop delivery of mail for a short time, which allows you to pick up your mail later at a nearby post office or have it delivered after you get home. 

Unplug Before You Leave

Since you won’t be home, remember to unplug your television, Roku, Alexa, and coffee machine before you head out. You’ll save on energy bills and won’t need to spend half the trip worrying about whether or not you turned the coffee pot off. 

Schedule Your Ride to/from the Airport

Planning to drive to the airport or catch an Uber ride? Why not skip the parking fees or the awkwardness of hopping into a stranger’s car by scheduling an airport shuttle? 

At Land to Air Express, we offer convenient and affordable airport shuttles to MSP (the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport). Simply reserve a boarding pass, arrive at one of our pickup locations, and climb aboard one of our clean, sanitized airport shuttle buses, where you can sit back, relax and start looking forward to your next destination.

Coming home after a long trip is often met with mixed feelings. Though you miss the carefree lifestyle of vacation, part of you is ready to slip back into your routine. To ensure you get home safely and without any unexpected delays, be sure to choose “round trip” when you reserve a seat with Land to Air Express. This way you know our shuttle bus will be there when you get back!

 Plan Your Trip with Land to Air Express

For more information on our airport shuttle bus services, explore our website to learn how we can help you plan your trip. We also invite you to review our new COVID-19 policies and learn how we’re working to keep you and your fellow passengers safe and confident while you travel.