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MSP Airport

Land to Air Express provides convenient daily shuttle bus service between Mankato,
St. Peter & the Minneapolis –
St. Paul International Airport.

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Pick-up & Drop off Locations

Flights Arriving at Terminal 1

After grabbing your bags, head to the elevator or escalator right in front of carousels #7 and #8 and go down a level. Follow the signs for taxi and hotel shuttles/services. Keep walking straight ahead for about 100 feet until you reach the delta baggage claim information booth, then make a left turn. From there, walk about 50 feet and either hop on the escalator or take the elevator up one level. Look for the Land to Air Express desk—it’ll be right there. The drivers will be at the desk 15-20 minutes before the departure time to sell tickets and check you in.

Flights Arriving at Terminal 2

Once you’ve landed at Terminal 2, head on over to the baggage claim area. From there, take the escalator or elevator going up one level towards ground transportation. Walk across the skywalk and then hop on the elevator to go down to Level 1. Stay in the shuttle area until your driver arrives. Please note there is no check-in desk at Terminal 2.


Departing Locations

501 Departure

502 Departure

503 Departure

504 Departure

505 Departure

506 Departure

507 Departure

403 Departure

* indicates drop stop only, no boarding. 


Departing Locations

511 Departure

512 Departure

513 Departure

514 Departure

515 Departure

516 Departure

517 Departure

413 Departure

* indicates drop stop only, no boarding. 

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