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Land to Air Promise

The Land to Air Promise lets our passengers know their health and safety remain our top priority at all times.

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We're Ready When You Are

We are continuing our efforts to make sure that our shuttles and motorcoaches provide the safe, affordable, clean, and comfortable transportation that has made us Your Trusted Travel Provider for 30+ years. With enhanced measures such electrostatic sanitation, air purification, and prioritized onboard safety, we take all the steps necessary to let our passengers travel with confidence to their destination. 

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Continuous Air Circulation & Purification

Our PlasmaAir purification units use bipolar ionization technology to reduce not only airborne respiratory irritants and odors, but bacteria and viruses, too! Cabin air is filtered every two minutes and completely replaced every 10 minutes to ensure a continuous flow of fresh air.

Land to Air Bus Cleaner

Electrostatic Sprayers & EPA Disinfectant

Electrostatic sprayers make it possible to clean even the hardest to reach areas in our buses. They deploy high-grade, EPA disinfectant that is electrically-charged to fully wrap around objects and sanitize their entire surface area. It’s far more effective than traditional cleaning methods while reducing waste at the same time.

Land to Air Promise
Air Purification
Electrostatic Sprayers
High-Grade EPA Disinfectant
On-Board Social Distancing
Hand Sanitization Stations
Passenger & Employee Masks
Paperless Boarding

Ready to begin traveling again? So are we!

Learn more ways we're keeping passengers and employees safe.

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