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Woman sitting on pink luggage waiting for Land to Air shuttle service.

Weekend Getaway: 3 Reasons to Take an Airport Shuttle to MSP

Minnesotans are gearing up for warmer weather and new adventures this season! Taking a well-deserved, much needed, weekend getaway sounds too good to pass up. 

If you’re heading to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, you might be planning to catch a ride from a loved one, schedule a Lyft, or drive yourself. Those are typically the travel options most people consider first. But are those really your “best” options? 

Let’s explore the top three benefits of choosing a MSP airport shuttle like Land to Air Express to get you to your next destination!

Why Is Choosing an Airport Shuttle the Best Option?

Safety First

Safety is divided into two essential categories: physical safety and health safety. Let’s review how Land to Air Express is practicing both:

  • Physical Safety: At Land to Air Express, we pride ourselves on hiring and training the best airport shuttle drivers in the state. Our drivers want your ride with us to be comfortable, reliable, and above all, safe from departure to drop off. Plus, they know all the best routes and detours to ensure you arrive at MSP on schedule.

  • Health Safety: Land to Air Express has always followed strict cleaning and sanitation guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience for our passengers. We want everyone who climbs aboard our airport shuttle buses to enjoy a freshly cleaned environment, where they feel safe and confident. 

Learn more about our cleaning policies. Have questions? We’re here to help! Give us a call or visit our FAQ’s page for more information.

Zero Parking Fees

The thought of airport parking might leave you feeling queasy, and does anyone really want to leave the car in a new place when traveling out of state? We’ll help you eliminate the need for parking fees and the stress of leaving your car in a new spot overnight. 

And by choosing Land to Air Express, you can expect to arrive at the airport safely and on time, surrounded by all the conveniences you need! That includes charging outlets, free WiFi, individual climate controls, plenty of legroom, and space for up to 5 bags of luggage.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You still might be asking yourself, why not just book an Lyft or call a friend to give you a ride to the airport? Well, there are three reasons for this: 

  • Waiting on Someone Else’s Time: Waiting for your Lyft or Uber app to locate a nearby driver is one thing. Running around your street corner, trying to locate where the driver has parked, is just another cause for headache. 

Since this is your vacation, getting to the airport should be stress free! And though we love our close friends and family, if they’re not the ones traveling, they might not be in such a hurry to get to the airport. This means you may find yourself leaving later than you planned and having to run to catch your flight.

With Land to Air Express, you can easily find a departure location, or schedule a private group charter bus, if you’re traveling with friends or family, to ensure you arrive at the airport on time. 

  • Cost Depends on Time: Depending on the day of the week, time of day, and local competition, your Lyft or Uber fare can rise unexpectedly.  With Land to Air Express, we make it easily and affordable to plan your trip and book your seat. You can also choose our roundtrip option, so you know when you arrive back home, you have an airport shuttle bus waiting. 

  • Stricter Cleaning Practices: How can you be sure your Lyft or Uber driver is keeping his or her vehicle disinfected between passengers? You don’t know for sure, but when you ride with Land to Air Express, you can ride with confidence knowing that our MSP airport shuttle buses are disinfected, cleaned, and safe to use.

Reserve Your Seat with Land to Air Express Today!

Whether you’re planning a solo trip, couples getaway, or family vacation, trust Land to Air Express to get you to the airport on time and without the extra fees or headaches of traveling. We provide convenient daily airport shuttle bus services between Mankato/St. Peter and MSP.  

Reserve your seat today and experience the ease and convenience of traveling with our team! 

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